Solar Panel Roofing


A Pro-Tech  Solar Roof guarantees part or all of your power cost will not increase over time.  A Solar Roof is currently eligible for federal and state tax credit rebates as well as FPL buyback to energy.  Not only will you save money on power, the value of your home will increase.  A recent Appraisal Journal article showed that property resale values increase $10-20 for every $1 saved annually in electricity.


 The SolarSave Tiles have outstanding durability and a class A fire safety rating. Designed to last for up to 40 years with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.  Can withstand 125 mph winds.


Minimal.  Annual inspection of the electrical components by an authorized installer.  Can be periodically cleaned with a garden hose from the ground if necessary.


When properly installed there should be no areas of shading – unless it is a cloudy day.  The system will continue to function but at a reduced rate.  The system does not operate at night.  Once the sun sets your home will draw its power from the utility.


 Your installer will assist in fulfilling any and all requirements to connect your system to the local utility grid.  The Eagle Solar Roof is designed to blend into the roof of your home, minimizing the visual impact and addressing the concerns of even the strictest HOA.


As long as Solar systems are professionally installed they are very safe.  There are no moving parts, and no exposed electrical wiring.  Only properly trained solar energy professionals should service your system.

Metal Roofs

Why Choose a Metal Roof?

Metal roofing is becoming more popular every day due to its ability to withstand some of the regions harshest climates. The longevity and durability of metal roofing makes it an attractive choice for those who don’t want to replace their roofs every 10- 15 years. Advances are being made every day to extend metal roofs appearance and color retention. Now with several metal roof colors receiving Energy Star compliance, which means homeowners and tenants, can see savings through lower costs, and a quicker return on their investment.


Metal Roof


Benefits of a Metal Roof

Life-cycle Costs

Although the initial cost of a metal roof will be more than that of a shingle roof, over the life of the roof, a metal roof will cost less.


A properly installed metal roof manufactured from quality metal roofing materials can be expected to last 2 to 3 times longer than a shingle roof.

Energy Efficiency

A pigmented metal roof that bears an Energy Star label can be expected to save a homeowner a minimum of 10% to 15% on their energy bills.  A metal roof can do this by reflecting more of the sun’s rays.  A typical shingle roof will absorb the sun’s rays and that heat will transfer into the house.

Long Warranties

A quality metal roof can come with up to a 40 year warranty and be expected to last that long and even longer.

Metal roof

Shingle Roofs


Asphalt roof shingles are the most popular choice for  material. This is because they have numerous advantages when compared to other options. Some of these advantages include maintenance, installation, look, and cost. This article will discuss the various advantages of asphalt roof shingles.


One of the first advantages of asphalt roof shingles is the maintenance. Many materials require constant maintenance to keep their appearance. Asphalt roof shingles will continue looking good with little maintenance. Also, they can easily be repaired if they happen to become damaged.


Another advantage of asphalt roof shingles is installation. They are the easiest type of roofing material to install. Some types of shingles require special tools and have to be installed by professionals. Most handy homeowners will have no trouble installation asphalt roof shingles without professional help. The shingles are flexible and sturdy, so they are compatible with many roof designs.


Their look is also an advantage of asphalt roof shingles. The materials come in a wide variety of textures and colors. You will have no trouble finding a look to match your home. Also, asphalt roof shingles can be manufactured to look like more expensive, natural materials. You can have a roof that looks like cedar shakes, slate, tile, or wood. This will give you the advantage of the more expensive look, while retaining the performance benefits of asphalt roof shingles.



A big advantage of asphalt roof shingles is their cost. They can efficiently be manufactured in high volumes, so are relatively inexpensive to produce. The installation cost of asphalt roof shingles is also relatively inexpensive compared to other materials. It will only cost you less than $1 per square foot. Besides being light on your wallet, asphalt is also light in weight.


One of the final advantages of asphalt roof shingles is their weight. Many types of roofing materials are heavy and may not be suitable for your type of roof structure. Although asphalt is not the lightest type of material, asphalt roof shingles are lightweight. They are compatible with most roof types.

These are some of the advantages of asphalt roof shingles. They require very little maintenance to keep their good look. Asphalt roof shingles can also be manufactured to look like natural materials such as cedar shakes, tile, or wood. You will also enjoy the price, as this roofing material will cost you less than $1 per square foot.


Tile Roofs


Characteristics of Tile Roofing


Traditional clay tile roofs are very heavy, and sometimes require more structural reinforcement than other roofing materials. However, tile roofing is now offered in new lightweight versions which can be used on most structures without additional reinforcement.

While many homeowners prefer the look of traditional Spanish and Mediterranean styles, tile roofing is also available in exact replications of shake, wood shingle, and slate. Roof tile can be found in a wide spectrum of colors, ranging from the well-known adobe red to colors that are reminiscent of moss green, driftwood grey, and ocean blue.



Benefits of Tile Roofs


Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal and incredibly long life expectancy of tile roofs, there are several other benefits of choosing this roofing material over a less costly one. To start with, tile roofs perform better under harsh conditions than many other roofing materials. They resist damage caused by hurricanes, earthquakes, and other weather extremes better than most other roofing options. Roof tile is also fireproof, and carries a class-A rating.

Tile roofing is a great insulator, which helps to keep homes warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Accessories for tile roofs are widely assorted, including bird stops, cloaked attic vents, hip starters, apexes, and multiple other options. Tile also has the unique ability of being able to accent or complement the exterior color or finish of practically any home or building.

Even more attractive than its outward appearance is the fact that a tile roof gives an air of quality to a structure that can be very appealing to prospective buyers. When combined with the range of styles and finishes tile comes in, a tile roof not only adds to the beauty of a structure, it can also add to its resale value.