A Pro-Tech Solar Roof guarantees part or all of your power cost will not increase over time.  A Solar Roof is currently eligible for federal and state tax credit rebates as well as FPL buyback to energy.  Not only will you save money on power, the value of your home will increase.  A recent Appraisal Journal article showed that property resale values increase $10-20 for every $1 saved annually in electricity.


 The SolarSave Tiles have outstanding durability and a class A fire safety rating. Designed to last for up to 40 years with a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.  Can withstand 125 mph winds.


Minimal.  Annual inspection of the electrical components by an authorized installer.  Can be periodically cleaned with a garden hose from the ground if necessary.


When properly installed there should be no areas of shading – unless it is a cloudy day.  The system will continue to function but at a reduced rate.  The system does not operate at night.  Once the sun sets your home will draw its power from the utility.


 Your installer will assist in fulfilling any and all requirements to connect your system to the local utility grid.  The Eagle Solar Roof is designed to blend into the roof of your home, minimizing the visual impact and addressing the concerns of even the strictest HOA.


As long as Solar systems are professionally installed they are very safe.  There are no moving parts, and no exposed electrical wiring.  Only properly trained solar energy professionals should service your system.